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    AAbout Me

    Stephanie is the daugther to Queen Nana Boahemaah II of Ahenemaah Kokobin, the Royal Family of the Ashanti People in Ghana. Stephanie's name is Akua Ohenewaah Asienem Akotocre Akwasuhemaah. " I always enjoy all aspect of music. Creating, playing and overall performing. I have been involved in raising money for various charities like Children in Crisis for Sarah Ferguson, NSPCC, Romanian Children for Stephanie Powers, Bungy jump for WaterAid, Starlight Foundation for Princess Anne and many more." Stephanie has been invited to sing for Prince Charles and family at private events, also was invited to write and sing the theme song for the African Football Games held in Ghana in 2008. She was also invited to sing the the President of Ghana's fundraising events in Ghana, United Kingdom and United States. Stephanie has co-written songs with some of the greats like Andy Hill for Bucks Fizz, Danny Schogger for Celine Dion, Rob Harris for Kyle Minogue, Terry Walker for Tina Turner etc.

    CContact Info

    Whiles the site is under construction, you can still get in touch with any enquiries you may have about my Music.